• Quick non-binding consultation with our advisors who already have pre-prepared solutions for Bakov residence apartments
  • Mortgage loans with interest rates from 0.2% to 0.7% below the market average
  • Getting your mortgage approved within 3-4 weeks after all necessary documentation is provided
  • You do not pay any fees for the financial consultancy and getting your mortgage approved
  • Real estate insurance with up to 40% discount

How it works

To provide a solution the following basic information inquired:

  • The purpose of buying
  • Your credit score
  • Who besides you will be the loan applicants and their data

No later than 48 hours after receiving all required information we provide you with: 

  • Financial situation assessment
  • Suggested solution, including monthly payments calculation
  • Detailed list of documents required to obtain a mortgage
  • Timeline of a mortgage approval obtaining